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Brocart 6 buc x 5g – gold C28469

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Assortment of metallic brocade with different shapes and sizes. The brocade is in a convenient jar and can be easily sprinkled on the desired surface. Attach with liquid glue, mix into paint, fill shaker elements and more. They are ideal for various holiday decorations.

This glitters are perfect for:
- cardmaking;
- album decorations;
- Christmas projects;
- craft projects.

Set of 6 jars. Each jar contains 5 g of brocade.

Note: Imaginea de produs prezentata are caracter informativ și este posibil să există diferențe de nuante intre imaginile afisate si produsul real in functie de ecranul calculatorului/tabletei/telefonului dvs.

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